Our Story

Drawing inspiration from the famed restaurants of one of the greatest food cultures in the world, Acadia strives to re-create the flavors of New Orleans right here in Portland, Oregon. Supporting Gulf Coast purveyors, we proudly serve domestic, wild caught seafood fresh from the shores of Louisiana. We also work with local farms and purveyors for the highest quality local meats and produce, thereby honoring the wonderful bounty of the Pacific Northwest, while cherishing our New Orleans roots. 

Seamus Foran

After 8 years of working as sous chef alongside former owner, Adam Higgs, Seamus assumed ownership and is now head chef. Foran is looking to grow the restaurant's dining demographic, but is still devoted to bringing in the regulars. Although a Portland native, he plans to stay true to the regional Creole and Cajun menu that has been in place since Higgs took ownership in 2004—maybe with a few experiments thrown in now and again.